AGNEZ MO - NANANA (Official Lyric)

AGNEZ MO - NANANA (Official Lyric)

Betcha i can make you love me long time
Watch the way i switch it drop it one time
Baby feed off of my energy
Let me lead you to your destiny let it be

Know you like it when i swing it like that
When i roll it back n forth -a like that
Baby i can see you into me (ha)
Take it in I’ll be your fantasy huh

Nanana nanana
Nana baby i love you

Keep it dreamy make it steamy like that
Know you really wanna see me like that
Betcha didn’t think i drop it that low
Got that uh, make ya want some more..

And you can touch me right there
And we can rock it all night, hey
I wanna getcha closer
Baby we can get it on til the sunrise


Youve been just what im missin,
Oooh i spent a lot of time looking,
Dont wake me, cuz maybe im dreamin
Everytime you walk on by,
I said i almost lose my mind
Ooh i think i love you boy
Baby i do....

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